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Abdominal Muscle Repair​

Abdominal Muscle Repair​

During pregnancy, the abdominal wall stretches in order to accommodate the expanding content in your stomach. This results often in the separation of the abdominal muscles, a phenomenon known as “Diastasis” and it may make you “look pregnant still”, long after you’ve given birth. Surgery in such cases is best as it allows a restoration of your abdominal muscles. Such a procedure may be accompanied by a tummy tuck for a firmer aspect of your abdomen.


An abdominal muscle repair surgery is often part of either a full or mini abdominoplasty. If you are a woman who has given birth, your surgeon will explain the appropriate procedure during your consultation.

The belly button often gapes during pregnancy and eventually appears like a wider hole in the middle of a swollen abdomen. This is very common to diastasis cases and can be fixed with this operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When might a person need to undergo an abdominal muscle repair surgery?
Although the most common reason for such a procedure is post-pregnancies, some patients also undergo an abdominal muscle repair in cases such as after a severe trauma, cancer or even an abdominal hernia.

How to recover from such a procedure?
As it consists of suturing your abdominal wall, breathing exercises, positioning techniques and sometimes even physiotherapy may be advised. These will help ease any kind of pain you may be experiencing and help accelerate your recovery.

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