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Migraine surgery is an operation designed to cure migraine for good. In some patients, trigger points around the head causes migraine due to the compression of nerves. Specific surgical release of these nerves could remove migraine. Usually the stuck nerves are above the orbit or just above the neck.
There are many types of migraines in patients and not all of them are candidates for this surgery.
During your first consultation you will be asked about the type and localization of headache in order to properly diagnose your type of migraine.


Contrary to Botox injections for migraine, that is needed every 6 months, this surgery is designed to eliminate migraines for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have migraine since childhood and have been on several different medical treatments. Is surgery the solution?
Once you consult your plastic surgeon, in addition to your history, a panel of tests including Botox and Xylocaine injections will be performed to confirm if your migraine is caused by nerve compression or irritation.

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