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The procedure known as body lift or “Circular Abdominoplasty” consists of removing excess skin and fat from areas in the abdomen, hips and buttock. The goal of this procedure is to give the best possible “natural” lifted body contouring.
Many reasons can lead to excess sagging skin on the abdomen, waist, hips and even buttock. Whether it is ageing, massive weight loss after undergoing surgical bariatric surgery, or simply dieting, a body-lift or 360 ° abdominoplasty can be the right solution to get rid of these excess skin, retighten the abdomen and lift the buttock.


A body lift procedure is often associated to fat removal at the same time by means of liposuction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the scar be located?
The scar will be located in a circular pattern at the level of the abdomen and waist and can easily be hidden when wearing any underwear (panty or string).
Scaring may be slowed down in certain areas, but the scars always end up healing. If needed, scar revision procedures can always occur in a second time.

What is the recovery period?
Since the operation is lengthy, you might need to stay few nights at the hospital to recover until you are able to walk and do not longer feel any fatigue.

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