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Face Lift


A facelift is an aesthetic procedure that helps restore a youthful appearance to a face and to a neck. It is the preferred go-to procedure for removing sagging skin, deep lines, or even excess fat from the face and neck, while also tightening the areas around the eyes, nose and lips, as well as the forehead and neck’s skin. A facelift is also known as “Rhytidectomy”.


Facelifts are accounted for as one of the top 3 surgical procedures among women aesthetic surgery patients, according to the AAFPRS. That means that more than 200,000 facelifts on-record are undergone yearly and that number keeps on growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the recovery period after a facelift?
Most of the swelling and bruising on the face start disappearing within seven days after the procedure but it may take up to twenty days for before most of the puffiness goes away.

How long do a facelift’s results last?
If you follow your plastic surgeon’s advice attentively, a facelift’s result should last for more than ten to fifteen years. This procedure, however, does not stop the aging process your skin cells are naturally destined to go through.

What are the procedures that may occur in conjunction with a facelift?
Common facial aesthetic procedures can often be combined to a facelift for a better rejuvenated appearance. These include eyelid surgery, fat transfers, neck lift or even an otoplasty. Ask your plastic surgeon for the procedure that best adapts to your expectations.


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