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Mini Abdominoplasty​

Also known as “Mini Tummy Tuck”, or “Partial Abdominoplasty”, is similar to the full Tummy Tuck procedure. However, the incision is much smaller for a mini abdominoplasty. Tis procedure is often advised for patients with few stretch marks, loose skin, or excess fats on the lower part of the abdomen.


A tummy tuck is an excellent way to get rid of excess fat but it is not the preliminary option. Your surgeon may advise you to first try losing the excess weight by dieting and exercising, or even to undergo a bariatric surgery.
Results of tummy tucks are long-lasting results, but these may be affected should a pregnancy occur, or even considerable weight gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a patient undergo a mini tummy tuck alongside other procedures?
Yes, it is possible to combine a mini tummy tuck with several other procedures such as body lift, arm lift, thigh lift and buttock augmentation. Everything resulting in a better contouring and reshaping. Consult your surgeon for more personalized advice.

How to recover after a mini tummy tuck?
Your surgeon may advise you to avoid any heavy lifting during recovery period. There may be some bruising at first, and some discomfort. Breathing exercises, positioning techniques and sometimes even physiotherapy will help ease any kind of pain you may be experiencing and accelerate your recovery.

Mini Abdominoplasty​

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