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Some previous surgeries, traumatic injuries or infections can leave deep, unaesthetic or even painful scars. Depending on each case, a reconstructive plan will be proposed so as to hope for a return to the normal.


A scar can continue its normal maturation (collagen remodeling) for 1 year. Therefore, scar revisions are sometime postponed until its final maturation, so as to have a better assessment of the situation.
In some people (especially young patients), a scar can become hypertrophic. This represents an exaggerated scaring response from one’s body. Massaging and applying pressure regularly to a fresh scar can reduce its hypertrophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my scar be revised?
Scars vary in shape and length and location. For this reason, each scar revision will be “tailor-made” to the individual case.

How long is the recovery?
Most scar revision don’t require hospitalization and the recovery period is short.


Scar Revision

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