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Sexual Reassignment

Sexual reassignment, or “Transexual surgery” is a very specific domain in surgery that is only suitable for people who complain of gender dysphoria. Both male to female (MTF) and female to male (FTM) surgeries can be performed. These procedures comprise: neovagina, neophallus, breast augmentation, mastectomy, facial feminization and voice surgery.

Did you know?

Before deciding for a sexual reassignment surgery, a two years’ long follow-up and counseling with a specialized psychiatrist and endocrinologist is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the new penis be functional?
Yes, it can be. If the patient wishes to gain an erectile function, testicular and penile prosthesis can be added in a second surgery.

Will the neovagina be only made of penile skin?
In some patients, part of the colon can be used to increase depth of the cavity and lubrication.



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